Olivia Harvey
Updated Sep 11, 2017 @ 3:02 pm

Hearing about incredible success stories makes us feel that sometimes, anything really is possible. One such story belongs to actor Taylor Kitsch, who recently opened up about being homeless and sleeping on the New York City subway before he made it in Hollywood.

Kitsch talked to UsMagazine.comatthe New York premiere of his latest film, American Assassin. He admitted that he called the subway home for “a few weeks” after his initial modeling career went south.

The Canadianactor was on a working visa, and therefore couldn’t get a salaried job. Before taking to the trains, Kitsch stayed at his friend’s apartment for a few months while trying to pick up jobs that paid under the table.

He did manage to find his own apartment, but couldn’t afford electricity or hot water. He told The Daily Beast,

Kitsch was eventually evicted after not being able to make rent.

He then tried his luck in Los Angeles and became a certified personal trainer — and finally obtained a manager. Kitsch was still living in his car, though, and after four months, he decided to head back to Vancouver. And funnily enough, when he moved home, Kitsch began to land little movie roles that led to bigger opportunities like Friday Night Lights. And the rest is history.

Taylor Kitsch can certainly attest to the saying, “good things come to those who wait,” and we’ve been inspired to never give up, even when things seem the roughest.