Madison Vanderberg
Updated Oct 05, 2017 @ 1:12 pm

Last month, Taylor Swift was on bridesmaid duty at her best friend Abigail Anderson’s wedding. It was a beautiful, traditional wedding in Martha’s Vineyward, and Swift and all the other bridesmaids stunned in burgundy floor-length gowns. At the time of the wedding, the only photos we could find online were paparazzi photos of Swift dashing into a doorway trying to avoid the spotlight. Now, bridesmaid Harper Grae just shared all the official wedding photos.

It’s sweet how Swift is always right by Anderson’s side. We’re not sure who the maid of honor was, but Swift’s placement in all these photos definitely suggest that Swift is pretty high on the friend hierarchy.

Was Swift actually the maid of honor?

Credit: Harper Grae /
Credit: Harper Grae /

Anyone else notice how all the bridesmaids have nearly identical makeup, and Swift is the only one with a big, bold red lip? It IS her signature beauty look, but also like, lol kay girl, do you.

During the wedding, Swift gave a speech, a snippet of which surfaced online. It’s only a fragment of Swift’s entire toast but it sounds like Swift gave a pretty raunchy send-up at the wedding.

“She’s running after him, there’s falling, there’s stumbling,” Swift is heard saying in the video. “They make it to the bathroom and I can hear sounds that I can never unhear. And then there’s silence.”

Sounds more like a roast than a toast, but we’ll take it!

Clearly, these two women are very close, and when and if Swift ever gets married, we’re pretty sure Anderson will be right there by her side.