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August 06, 2017 10:55 am
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Get ready to tag your BFF, because today is National Friendship Day! How it doesn’t coincide with National Pizza Day, we’ll never know — but it’s still exciting because BFFs are what make this whole life thing worth living (pizza also does that, but you get what we’re saying).

Hollywood is filled with celebrity friendships, but it’s sometimes hard to tell which ones are temporary friendships that are basically publicity stunts for upcoming movies, and which are the real ride-or-dies. Just like how real-life steamy romances can start on sets, so too can real-life, long-lasting BFF-level friendships.

Not all celebs have met their IRL besties in Hollywood, either, but one thing is true for all of them: They say the sweetest things about each other!

Raise a glass to solid friendships, and enjoy these adorable quotes celebs have said about their IRL besties.

1 Michelle Williams on Busy Phillipps

Williams and Phillipps have been friends since they both starred in Dawson’s Creek, which was all the way back in 2001. They’ve attended many red carpets together, and at a screening of Manchester by the Sea, which they attended together, Williams proclaimed her undying love for Phillipps to People.

2 Eva Longoria on Victoria Beckham

When Longoria married Jose Antonio Baston in 2016, she had her BFF Victoria Beckham design her dress and act as a witness for their wedding. According to ET, she said, “I asked Victoria to do my dress because I wanted it to be special and made with love, and I knew that Victoria would make it with love. Victoria was one of my witnesses, too — she signed the paper that says I was here — so it was a Victoria Beckham weekend!”

Only a true BFF would say that their wedding weekend was all about their closest friend.

3 Kelly Rowland on how she and Beyoncé are like family

Of course, Rowland and Beyoncé have known each other literally forever, and apparently it’s a multi-generational friendship, because according to Elle, their kids are friends too!

“It’s the greatest thing about friendship, when you’re able to grow up together and your children grow up together. They act like cousins,” Rowland told People.

4 Drew Barrymore on Cameron Diaz

When Barrymore shared a sweet Instagram post with a heartfelt caption about her Charlie’s Angels co-star, Cameron Diaz, it was the epitome of #BFFlove. The caption reads,

5 Selena Gomez on her love for Taylor Swift

Back in 2013, Gomez spoke about how much Swift inspires her, and it’s so sweet.

6 Oprah Winfrey on Gayle King’s encouragement

These two are the ultimate BFFs, and in 2011, Oprah revealed that King believed in her when nobody else did. “Gayle was the only one who said ‘I think you can do it!'” Oprah said. That’s true BFF-ship!

7 Amy Poehler on Tina Fey

In her book titled Yes Please, Poehler had some fighting words for anyone who might try to come between her and Fey.

Okay, maybe that one’s not so sweet. But it is perfect for the unstoppable duo.

All hail supportive female friendships!