Trilby Beresford
April 04, 2017 11:52 am
Jason LaVeris/Getty Images

Hollywood is stressful enough without pitting female stars against one another. Yet Susan Sarandon just had to settle feud rumors that she’s fighting with Feud costar Jessica Lange — and she did it in the most perfect way possible.

As Sarandon points out, not only are she and Lange very friendly, but Lange was one of the reasons why she chose to do the show in the first place. And aside from anything else, these two women are experienced, mature, professional people. Why wouldn’t they get along?

We’re so glad that Sarandon is addressing this Hollywood double standard, because it seems that male costars never incite this kind of negative rumor-mongering. As Sarandon said in a 1998 Entertainment Weekly interview with her Stepmom costar Julia Roberts,

Because she has a killer sense of humor, Roberts jumped in with a better suggestion:

Seriously, let’s stop pitting women against each other and bury this negative stereotype once and for all. Instead, maybe we should spend some time talking about all the amazing, supportive female friendships that exist in the world — because that would be so much more reflective of real life.

Thanks for speaking up about this, Susan!