The time has come to feel old, because Suri Cruise just celebrated her 11th birthday. That’s right — little, tiny baby Suri Cruise — daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes — has officially been in our lives for over a decade.

And she celebrated with not one, but three birthday cakes.

BECAUSE THAT’S HOW SURI ROLLS! Slash it also just looks like mom Katie wanted to make sure there was enough cake for everyone and that people could choose between flavors. Because that’s how KATIE ROLLS! (We’re really into this “rolls” thing today — just go with it). At any rate, the birthday party looked utterly delightful.

If anything, the cakes laid out on a coffee table with a homemade, glittery “Happy Birthday” sign looks downright low-key. And we’re loving it. Holmes also posted this pic of the rest of the room:

According to, the party took place in Florida, where Holmes and Suri are spending a week with family on vacation. Holmes has been sharing a few other beachy snaps from the week, and we’re loving every minute of it.

Take a look at that spiral!

It looks like Suri has been having a fabulous birthday week, and — as much as it pains us to realize she’s 11 YEARS OLD and that time is a cruel mistress — we’re so glad to see her living such a happy, healthy life.

Holmes has made it very clear that normalcy and stability are her utmost priority when it comes to raising her daughter (which we’re sure isn’t easy when both Suri’s parent’s are international super stars), but it looks like she’s been doing a pretty amazing job thus far.

Happy Birthday, Suri! Pretty soon you’ll be a TEEN (egads!).