One of the best parts about Father’s Day is the gifts. (And also, spending the day with kids.) Steve Carell revealed the best gift that he got from his children, and it’s funny to boot.

Carell has a son and a daughter with wife Nancy Carell. Their daughter, Elisabeth, was born in 2001. Their son, John, followed up three years later. So while they’re more or less young adults at this point, it doesn’t mean that their quirky presents aren’t worth chatting about.

Even though Father’s Day passed this Sunday, Carell joked with Entertainment Tonight that he preps for the occasion well in advance, stating that “I start months in advance giving them lists of things that I want.” We expected nothing less.

Carell noted that he got a lot of mugs throughout the years. Typically, the day starts with him sleeping in a little later, and getting a nice breakfast of pancakes and bacon. Delicious.

But, bacon aside, let’s go back to the mugs. Since last year, his son bought him one that he’s still laughing about.

Carell also had some insight about fatherhood. Since he’s been a dad for quite some time, he revealed how it changed him. Or, er — didn’t.

We hope that Carell had a nice Father’s Day. Hopefully he was able to add to his mug collection.