Rachel Paige
March 27, 2017 3:12 pm
Jason LaVeris / Contributor / Getty Images

Chris Pratt did it. John Krasinski did it. And now, Sterling K. Brown has gone and done it: These three leading men have made the jump from the small screen to the big screen in style, and along the way got totally ripped for it. We’re not complaining whatsoever, we’re just happy they’re living their best (muscular) lives.

On Sunday, Emmy winner Sterling shared a mirror selfie to Instagram. Sure, mirror selfies are kinda “cliché,” but everyone does it, okay? Sterling is just following suit, and still, not complaining because you do you, Sterling, and we will support and love you all along the way.

The thing that makes this image different is that Sterling is showing off his his six pack.

This is…new for us.

As Sterling writes in his caption, he’s currently working on the Predator movie, and it’s obviously going to include lots of feats of strengths, like fitting off the Predator. While he was already pretty fit before, he needed to get MORE fit. And if that’s not enough exercise, he’s also part of the cast of Marvel’s upcoming Black Panther, where he will (hopefully) kick a lot of Wakanda butt.

Honestly, we should have guessed that Randall on This Is Us is in ridiculous shape. Do you NOT remember when it became known that the men of This Is Us frequently do pushups on set?

Also, during American Crime Story: The People vs. O.J. Simpson, Sterling was actually given a (fake) award for “Best Courtroom Abs.”

We’re thrilled to see that Sterling is so happy in his own skin, because that’s our favorite kind of leading man: CONFIDENT. (And now let’s get back to casting Sterling K. Brown in every movie and TV show from now until the end of time.)