Stacy London of What Not To Wear fame publicly came out as queer on Instagram today, December 31st. She did so after seeing several of her fans question whether or not her friend, Cat Yezbak, who has been featured multiple times on London’s Instagram feed, was more than just a friend. Of course, London doesn’t and shouldn’t have to confirm or deny dating rumors or identify her sexuality to a bunch of strangers. However, she chose to open up and eloquently bring us into her current life and dating status before people ran wild with their own “hoo ha” as she says, about her dating a woman.

London posted a collage of photos of herself and Yezbak following a photo of a tweet that read, “So no one was gonna tell me that stacy london from what not to wear is gay and has a hot butch girlfriend????”

London wrote that she hasn’t shared “paraded [Cat] around social media” for a few reasons. “I’ve had public relationships before and I don’t love that,” she continued. “But I want to be clear here that with Cat I felt I owed us the chance to be private since this is my first serious relationship with a woman and I’m sure there will be some hoo ha about that.”

She continued to say that, while she will not apologize for falling in love with “this beautiful, sexy, kind soul,” she is more than aware that she “[stands] on the shoulders of a community that fought like hell for me to be able to do that openly and proudly and EASILY.”

“It’s one thing to SAY Love is Love. It’s another thing to say Love is Passion and Devotion and Sex and mean it without shame or prejudice when talking about the same sex,” London wrote.

“So I used to date men. Now I date her. That’s it,” she concluded. “That’s all I have to say.”

And that’s all we need to hear. Though we’re never ones to poke anyone for an explanation, London’s post was heartwarming, inspiring, and filled to the brim with the kind of good vibes we’re trying to take into 2020.