Ready for a baby Speidi? Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag are expecting, and according to the couple, they’ve been planning for a little one for quite some time. The couple, whose relationship we saw the early stages of thanks to The Hills, have been married for almost a decade. Time flies, right?

The two decided to announce their pregnancy through Us Weekly. They also shared a few cute photos. According to Spencer, Heidi has been thinking of motherhood since her reality television days. The problem? Well, the timing was never right. The two have definitely had strange schedules the last few years, but it seems like now is the best time for the two to settle down.

According to the article, Montag is currently 12 weeks along, which means she’s heading into her second trimester. Her due date is October 19th. Hopefully, she’s already looking for cute newborn Halloween costumes.

Montag, who is currently 30, was glad she ended up waiting a few years.

According to the two, it didn’t take long. Which — well, good for them.

We wish both of them the best! They definitely have quite the journey ahead of them.