Presidential Election In South Korea
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Usually, new presidents make headlines. But in terms of South Korea, the new president’s bodyguard is making them. Yup, the internet has fallen in love with the South Korean president’s seriously dreamy bodyguard, the New York Post reported. And we’re smitten, too.

First of all, let’s talk business. President Moon Jae-in was elected just last week, according to The Economist. And it’s taken even less time for all of us to develop our internet-born crush on his bodyguard, Choi Young-jae, 36, an officer with Korea’s Special Warfare Command, Moon’s campaign said, according to the New York Post. Allegedly, the bodyguard is part of Jae-in’s “reign of beauty,” The Korea Times reported. In-te-rest-ing, right?!

Okay, let’s take a look at the bodyguard who’s breaking the internet.

Yup we’re definitely in love! And he makes the most smoldering poses without even realizing it. ~Swoon~…

Btw, this is how we’re feeling right now.

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We’re ~pretty sure~ he’s in the background here, making an accidental cameo. And we’re ~not~ complaining!

Presidential Election In South Korea
Credit: Jean Chung / Getty Images

And here, too.

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But, not so fast! Young-jae is married — and also has two daughters. Arghhhh! We mean: Awwww…

Regardless, what does the Twitterverse think?!



And LOL!

We so hear this, too!



Okay, we’d better get off Twitter and get back to work — though maybe we should look at just a couple more tweets featuring Young-jae first… You know, for “research” purposes… 😉