Carina Browder
September 22, 2016 9:01 am

We’re PUMPED for the upcoming season of Game of Thrones, and love to see our favorite BFFs, Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner hang out. We’ve seen them share silly pictures of each other in the past and get matching tattoos, but in Maisie’s latest Instagram post, the two get even closer.

A girl has many faces

In her Instagram post, Maisie shared some silly Snapchat moments with her co-star. The video depicts the pair sharing a laugh, fittingly captioned “#mophie”. The two attempt and hilariously fail at using the dog filter, but manage a success at swapping faces.

Though things get a little shaky when they attempt to talk with swapped faces, but the resulting selfie is kind of hilarious!

As stated, we’ve seen these two share silly pictures with each other before, and though the two have chosen to keep their Snapchats private, we can’t help but wonder what other silly goodness they have to share?

We love how close these two are, and after all, what’s closer than sharing a face? Stay cute, you two!