Johnni Macke
Updated Jan 30, 2017 @ 12:07 pm
Credit: Christopher Polk/Getty Images

Everyone remembers their first kiss, but not everyone is as lucky as Sophia Bush. In fact, Bush recalls her first on-screen kiss being Ryan Reynolds and we are SO jealous.

Over the past few weeks everyone has been freaking out over Andrew Garfield kissing Reynolds at the Golden Globes, but now it seems Bush beat Garfield to the punch. Sure, we’re eternally jealous of Blake Lively for being married to the Deadpool star, but as far as first kiss stories go, the Chicago P.D. star is currently winning.

On Sunday, while attending the SAG Awards, Bush opened up about her first on-screen kiss and of course it was with Reynolds. The world, clearly isn’t fair. First Reynolds, then eventually Chad Michael Murray on One Tree Hill — our kiss-o-meter is at an all-time high!

While talking with E! News, she was reminded of her movie kiss debut, which took place in 2002’s Van Wilder.

“That’s right!” Bush told E! News remembering that she had in fact smooched Reynolds back in the day.

Even though The Proposal actor was a gentleman, Bush revealed that kissing for a camera is awkward.

“You see, these things happen on camera and they look flirtatious or fun or sexy — and there’s 40 people standing around you, they’re adjusting exactly the tilt of your face, you’re not blocking the other person’s light, and your hand has to go here but not here — and it’s really not sexy,” she said. “And so we do our best to sell it but it’s a very bizarre process.”

Bizarre or not, having to kiss Reynolds is definitley an acting perk in our minds.