Angelica Florio
December 28, 2016 6:30 am
Robin Marchant/Getty Images

Where there are triumphs there are also trials. It’s almost as if the two are amalgamated like a person to their shadow. Nasty Gal founder Sophia Amoruso has certainly had many triumphs in the recent past, what with being named one of Forbes‘s “Richest Self-Made Women List” in June, but she now faces a major trial with Nasty Gal’s recent filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.

Although the matter has been handled quietly, being the bold “Girlboss” that Amoruso is, she broke her silence about her personal life on Instagram this weekend. She addresses the public fumbling of her retail empire as well as rumors that she and her husband have parted ways, clarifying that she has no regrets:

The caption to her throwback photo reads,

Consider us officially inspired AF.

Amoruso has proven (though she’d probably be the first one to point out that she doesn’t need to prove anything to us) that her girl-boss attitude can be applied to all aspects of one’s life. Whether she’s beginning new chapters in business, family, romance, politics, health, or all of the above, Amoruso’s message shows how profound a glass-half-full perspective in the midst of disappointments can be.

Amoruso’s success isn’t only measured in dollars but it’s also reflected in the impressive number of ventures she has cooking on her (likely very stylish and retro-chic) stove. After publishing her New York Times bestselling memoir, #GIRLBOSS, she went on to create a #Girlboss foundation and #Girlboss Radio, a podcast for which Amoruso interviews fellow female leaders. As if that weren’t enough, Amoruso is also producing a forthcoming comedy series on Netflix based on her life.

It’s honestly overwhelming just thinking about that juggling act, when can we lie down?

In her podcast, Sophia Amoruso shares the realistic stories of people who have both struggled and thrived to become ‘girl bosses’ today. The website states,

It looks like Amoruso is taking her own lessons to heart by accepting all things, both good and bad, as necessary steps on her life’s path. Her ability to pick herself up and continue with excitement is a great lesson in perseverance for us all. Oh, and we will totally be taking her under eye cream advice to heart as well.

We wish Sophia all the best while she heals her wounds and does not cry (though we would totally understand if she cried a little and maybe even encourage it). Rock on, Girlboss.