Trilby Beresford
September 21, 2016 10:25 am
Instagram/Gigi Hadid

Usually when we talk about Gigi Hadid, it’s in regards to things like her latest off-duty summer look, or her ’70s retro outfit, or her new Tommy Hilfiger collection. But today, it’s all about Bambi. 

You might be asking…

Def Jam/

And DON’T WORRY. All will be revealed.

Hadid was photoshopped into a Bambi scene by Scottish collage artist Portis Wasp, and the result is… actually pretty great!

Hadid must have liked it, because she reposted, and the picture got over a million likes. And if you’re wondering, the original pic was from a Harper’s Bazaar spread where she was dressed by Karl Lagerfeld (and looked absolutely stunning as per usual).

Oh, and let’s throw in another Insta pic of Hadid for good measure. Just, you know, because we can.

Meanwhile, Wasp — the artist behind the mashup — is known on the internet for his super creative visual collages — many of which feature nearly nude male and female models superimposed with adorable and innocent Disney creatures. If you’re interested in seeing more of his work, check out his Insta account. DISCLAIMER: NSFW!!!

Dear Portis,  we’ll definitely take more collages of Gigi Hadid with our favorite animated characters please. You know, if you have any just laying around (HINT HINT).