Sa'iyda Shabazz
March 26, 2017 9:18 am
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Solange Knowles has never been afraid to shy away from tough issues. In fact, she has spent much of her life and career being a champion for women of color, especially black women. In a recent interview with Bust magazine, Solange laid out what it means to be a feminist — and we couldn’t agree more.

In the interview, Solange explained how she sees herself fitting into the feminist movement, and what the movement means to her. Growing up in a household of exclusively women — her mom, Tina, and sister Beyoncé, plus Kelly Rowland and another girl cousin — made her realize that women’s power comes from other women.

“I’m a feminist who wants not only to hear the term intersectionality, but actually feel it, and see the evolution of what intersectional feminism can actually achieve,” the singer said.

While many people may only know her as Beyoncé’s little sister, Solange is so much more than that. Her last album, A Seat at the Tableis a true testament to black women on multiple levels. When it comes to feminism, black women have always fought for just that — a seat at the table. Indeed, securing a seat at the table is a first step towards making feminism really and truly intersectional.

Solange is exactly the kind of voice that young women of color need to hear to be the change we need in this world.