Credit: Paras Griffin/Getty Images

If you’re obsessed with Solange (as, well, we all should be, because she’s a *queen*), prepare to freak the eff out. Why? Because Solange is touring, and you can join her. This is not a drill. Solange just posted an open casting call!

In the actual best news ever, Solange needs band members, and if you answer Solange’s open call for cool creatives to tour with, you might get to work with Solange herself.

Solange just posted an open casting call to Saint Heron, a creative hub celebrating diversity, innovation & progression in music art & culture.

According to the ad, here’s what they’re looking for:

So if you’re a musician, a Solange fan, and in the New Orleans area…you’re in luck! The ad continues,

Solange is calling, and we’d be remiss not to answer her!