Rachel Charlene Lewis
Updated Sep 10, 2016 @ 11:49 am
Sofia Vergara
Credit: sofiavergara/Instagram

Is there anyone quite like Sofia Vergara? She’s so, so lovely, so, so funny, and she’s just got something about her that has us 1000000% in love with her. But she just did something awesome that has us even more in love with her, and that something is that she just joined Stand Up To Cancer. She seriously rocks.

Sofia Vergara posted a selfie in a Stand Up To Cancer tee, and we’re sending her MAJOR heart eyes.

“Supporting Stand Up 2 Cancer!,” she captioned the sunshine-y selfie.

We love Sofia, and we love Stand Up To Cancer.

“SU2C raises $ to get new treatments to patients faster,” their bio reads. “Donate now to support collaborative cancer research.”

With loads of celeb backing (like, we’re talking the entire cast of Brookyn Nine-Nine!), the organization raises both awareness *and* money to make major strides toward an end to all types of cancer. And it’s not like other organizations.

According to their site, the organization has a funding model developed by a combination of different researchers that is totally focused on collaboration via grants that are a mixture of high risk, but potentially high impact, projects, and ones that are focused on quick treatments.

You can support too!

Donate, volunteer, organize… the possibilities are endless. And read up! Don’t just let us tell you who to support. Head on over to the site to see if you, like Sofia Vergara, believe in the message of SU2C!