Credit: sofiarichie / Instagram

When you’re the daughter of a musical legend like Lionel Richie, people take a special interest in your family life. Sofia Richie, an 18-year-old model and fashion icon, and her dad have always been close, which is why we never get sick of her Instagram posts that show her and her dad hanging out like best buddies. She even got a small tattoo in honor of her father.

Her latest Insta post, though, is definitely in the running for cutest throwback picture of all time. The photo features her, her parents, her brother, and her dog, and it must have been taken at least 10 years ago. “Richie’s” is her one-word caption, and there’s nothing more that needs to be said.

Sofia’s mom, Diana Alexander Richie, looks gorgeous with her long brown hair, and the way Sofia and her dad are sweetly embracing each other is too much, guys. Also, her brother’s mischievous smile and the fact that their dog is sound asleep has us laughing our heads off.

This isn’t the first throwback photo Sofia has posted. A couple months ago she shared what she and her mom looked like back in the day.

“My life,” she wrote. Again, her mom’s long locks are giving us life. We can see where Sofia gets her smoldering look from. Her mom is a knockout.

Sofia’s modeling career has been taking off (she’s being called the new generation of Tommy Hilfiger Denim), but she doesn’t let her success get in the way of quality family time with the people she loves most.

Is it just us, or does Lionel look pretty much exactly the same as he did 10 years ago?! Long live the Richies.