Marissa Higgins
Updated Sep 09, 2016 @ 5:43 pm
Credit: Getty Images/Vivien Killilea

If you follow the awesome world of tattoos, you’ve likely heard of tattoo artist JonBoy once or twice. He is known for doing amazing tiny tattoos, usually in the form of small text, numbers, or symbols, that are really small and delicate. Of course, small tattoos are tough because no one wants the lines to run together, or the pattern to blur. But as you can see on his Instagram, Jon’s work is really precise. And people have noticed, including some of the most popular celebrities around.

Jon has tattooed Kendall Jenner, Chloé Grace Moretz, Zayn Malik, and most recently, Sofia Richie. Celebrities come into West 4, the tattoo parlor he works at in New York, pretty regularly for his incredible work.

In fact, as Sofia shared on her Instagram, it appears that she actually got two small tattoos done by Jon at the same time. And, unsurprisingly, they’re both so subtly chic we could swoon.

Here is the first one, a tiny black cross on her middle finger:

And here is the second one, on Jon’s own Instagram page:

Somehow, the text is pristine, tiny, and legible all at once! Amazing work.

And here is one of Sofia with the much-loved tattoo artist himself:

We love how simple, graceful, and elegant these tattoos are! And we’ll definitely be keeping our eyes peeled for more beautiful work on Sofia in the future.