Caralynn Lippo
Updated July 14, 2016 1:16 pm
Getty Images/Larry Busacca

We already knew that Selena Gomez, card-carrying member of the T. Swift Squad, is an absolute national treasure. Ever since she rose to prominence in 2007 with her starring role as Alex Russo on the much-beloved Disney series Wizards of Waverly Place, the younger singer-actress has consistently been one of the most genuinely kind and appreciative celebs out there — she is all about showing love for her Selenators. She even included her real life fans in one of her latest music videos for her hit single, “Same Old Love.” Basically, she’s the coolest. And now, she just gave a really great shout-out to a fan who asked for a photo.

Like most mega-successful pop stars and actors in Hollywood (especially those who hang with other mega-successful Hollywood royalty on the reg), Selena is no stranger to being asked to pose for pics and selfies were her adoring fans. While some celebs may show some impatience with overly-pushy fans, apparently Selena’s admirers are of the more well-mannered variety.

The former Disney star is currently on her Revival Tour and a sweet fan passed her a note politely asking for a photo, while Selena was on the phone. false

It’s unclear how she wound up with the note, but Selena was obviously impressed by how her fan handled the request, since she took the time to tweet out a photo of the handwritten note from Madeleine Beller, along with an apology for having missed the opportunity to snap a pic with Madeleine. Her excuse for missing the photo op was definitely a good one, too — Selena was on the phone with her mom!

Although Selena didn’t have direct contact info for the fan, thanks to her huge social media following and the magic of the internet, the tweet response reached Madeleine pretty quickly. false

Selena, who recently unseated BFF Taylor Swift as Instagram’s most followed person — amassing 89 million followers! — is certainly deserving of her huge, adoring fan base. There’s nothing we love better than a celeb who takes the time to appreciate and acknowledge her fans.