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Girl Meets World star and all-around feminist rockstar Rowan Blanchard spotted a maybe UFO. Is it Halloween yet?

Seeing as Rowan Blanchard has a history of laying down some major truth, we don’t really have any reason to doubt her. We don’t know where the picture was taken, or from where. It could be a reflection through a window. It could be a glare on her camera. She could be in Area 51. (Okay, maybe not…)

But it really, really looks like a UFO, doesn’t it?

Even if we zoom in…

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…it still looks like a flippin’ spaceship. Somebody call Scully and Mulder, stat.

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Okay, maybe not Mulder. But assemble the Lone Gunmen, call the Doctor, bust Professor River Song out of prison, and get Ellen Ripley on the phone — this looks like the real deal, and #WeWantToBelieve.

Rowan Blanchard, please check in regularly for the next seventy-two hours so we know you haven’t been abducted. Although if the aliens want to be taken to our leader, we think Rowan Blanchard would be a great representative for the human race.