Credit: NBC / Getty Images

Pregnant? Well, put down that baby naming book, and consult Ellen DeGeneres. It was just revealed that Adam Levine’s daughter, Dusty Rose, was named by Ellen! It looks like the talk show host is actually quite attached to this little baby, which probably makes her much like an honorary Aunt.

Levine was having trouble with baby names, and decided to ask his famous pal for a bit of inspiration.

Luckily, DeGeneres came through in a pinch.

While Levine had an idea on board, DeGeneres was super quick to veto.

(Anyone else curious as to what the name could have been?)

So, it’s sweet that little Dusty Rose will always have a solid story behind her name. We hope that Levine and DeGeneres stay close, and that Dusty’s bond with her keeps growing stronger!