Kitty Lindsay
Updated December 09, 2017 2:18 pm

Looks like there’s more to Saturday Night Live cast members Chris Redd, Melissa Villaseñor, and Kyle Mooney than just hilarious jokes. This week, the stars of the late-night sketch show took on the Invisible Box challenge, and we have to admit it. Some of them actually kind of killed it.

Started by Anderson University football player Dontez Hines, the Invisible Box Challenge was reinvigorated by Ariel Olivar earlier this month on Twitter. In the eye-popping viral Twitter video you must see to believe, the Texas cheerleader appears to step onto and over a non-existent box. The comedic masterminds behind sketches like “Come Back Barack” and “Welcome To Hell” showed us they’ve got some serious spatial awareness skills, too.

Filmed behind the scenes at 30 Rock, SNL‘s Invisible Box challenge video features fan favorites like Beck Bennett, Alex Moffat, master impressionist Melissa Villaseñor, and newbie Chris Redd. To set the scene, they each begin by giving their “box” a pat. (Redd even goes as far as to place the “box” himself!) Next, they each place their foot on the imaginary crate. Then, ready, set, jump! Some fly. Some fall. But, like pretty much everything else at SNL, it’s all plenty of fun.

And we thought last year’s SNL Mannequin Challenge was impressive.

Hilariously funny and super skilled at jumping over an imaginary object? SNL is crushing it this season!

LOL at Chris Redd kicking the “box” away post-leap.

So what’s the secret to the gravity-defying Invisible Box Challenge?

Two words: Leg strength. false

“You have to have enough force and leg strength” in order to get your jumping foot higher than the foot on the “box,” Olivar told ABC News. She added of the leg placed on the imaginary box, “It’s all just kind of one motion, just keep this leg in the air the whole time in the same exact spot.”

Are YOU up for the challenge?