Alyssa Thorne
January 10, 2017 1:26 pm

Having grown up right as the internet was really becoming a ~thing~ that people of all ages used all the time for entertainment, millennials know more than most how easy it is to tell websites that want you to be a certain age that you are, actually, that age, even if you’re not. We’d like to say we learned this from alcohol websites that require you to be twenty-one because we’re cool and edgy, but honestly we learned it from Neopets and Livejournal. We’re old, get off of our lawn, etc. America’s Got Talent star Grace VanderWaal found out being famous makes it hard to spoof your age when Snapchat deleted her account for a very simple reason: She’s not yet thirteen, and that’s their age requirement. Hey, them’s the rules!

Fans were thrilled when Grace created her Snapchat, but since she won’t be thirteen for another few days, Snapchat swiftly removed her profile. Just one of the many things we’ve never considered must be difficult if you grow up with any degree of public presence.

Although we’re sure Grace is disappointed, she took the news — wait for it — gracefully, letting her fans know what was up via Instagram.

Since Grace won’t have long to wait until she can region the popular social media website, we’re sure it was an easy pill for her to swallow. But we definitely respect both her respect for Snapchat’s rules after her account was taken down, and Snapchat’s dedication to their bylaws. Annoying as it can be, age restrictions on social media and other websites are there to protect people, and we’re glad Snapchat takes that seriously.