Tyra Banks is an innovator and all-around badass, and she’s been wearing many hats for decades now.

Not only is she a supermodel and host and creator of America’s Next Top Model, but she’s also an actress, author, beauty entrepreneur, and part-time professor at Stanford University (really!). But her latest venture, a line of Tyra Banks emojis, has us smizing straight into our iPhone screens.

It truly only makes sense that the woman who is known for her signature expressions on and off the runway would venture into the emoji world, and we’re so happy she did. The best part of Tyra’s new emojis? They’re called “TyTyMojis.”

Seriously, who better to allow us to ~express ourselves~ accordingly than the master of self-expression herself? The TyTyMojis are equally hilarious and amazing, like the pink coffee mug with the words “your tears” on it, for all your haters/biggest motivators.

And if you’re wondering, yes, there are plenty of America’s Next Top Model allusions. Ever wanted to send someone actual TyraMail, or shout “We were ALL rooting for you!” at someone by way of emoji? Now you can.

Celebrity emojis are nothing new at this point, but we’re so excited the OG supermodel is in the game.

While the TyTyMojis are fierce and fun, Tyra also shared the inspiring collaboration behind them. Tyra told TechCrunch she was “excited to work with the all-female team at Nix Hydra on the project, a startup which makes games for young women. She also reunited with ANTM alumni Allison Harvard to work on the design.”

Get your TyTyMojis in the Apple App Store for under a $1, which is such a bargain to Tyra up your texts on the regular.