Architects frontman Sam Carter
Credit: Stefan Hoederath/Redferns via Getty Images

Architects frontman Sam Carter and his band were performing at Lowlands Festival in the Netherlands when Sam spotted something that absolutely outraged him. He saw one fan sexually assault a female fan while she was crowd-surfing during a song. The singer wrestled with whether or not to pause the performance and address what he had just witnessed. Ultimately, Sam took to the audience and delivered a powerful message about how disgusted he was with that kind of behavior. Of course, nothing happens without our cellphones and video-streaming these days, so a few users captured the moment and posted it on their profiles. We know you’ll want to see/hear what Sam had to say. false

The singer starts by saying, “So, I’ve been going over in my f*cking mind about whether I should say something about what I saw during that last song.”

He then relays what he saw: A member of the crowd grabbing at a woman’s breast while she was crowdsurfing. He doesn’t call out the fan who attempted to sexually assault the woman, but he does say, “I saw it. It’s f*cking disgusting. And there’s no f*cking place for that shit…”

Yes — a safe place. That’s what we all want for our concert-going experience.

Sam’s powerful message moved the audience and the Internet. Many women wrote in about unfortunate incidences of sexual assault that have occurred while they’ve been cutting loose and enjoying a concert. They praised the singer for calling out the despicable behavior and for letting the audience know that he won’t tolerate it. false false

We’re so glad you did say something, Sam! Your message is one that can’t be said enough. “It’s not your f*cking body. You do not grab at someone.” Thank you.