Rachel Charlene Lewis
Updated September 14, 2016 7:01 am
Alex Livesey/Getty Images

We absolutely adore Simone Biles, so our hearts were broken for her when we found out that her private medical records (along with those of other Olympic athletes like Venus and Serena Williams) had been leaked as a part of a Russian drug testing hack. Like, yeah, this is real life. We can only imagine how she’s feeling, and, luckily, so many have shown their support for Biles.

The USA Gymnastics team released a statement on the issue, in part because it was found that Biles uses certain typically non-Olympic-approved drugs for her ADHD (that had been approved by the Olympic committee ahead of time).

And Biles Tweeted that she hopes people recognize that the drugs she used had nothing to do with cheating, but with her ADHD.

Alex Livesey/Getty Images

She reminds us, too, of the stigma surrounding ADHD, and says there’s no reason to be ashamed.

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Many fans have rallied to show support, proving she’s the BEST.

While it’s fantastic that Simone Biles shared her story with us, we’re also so mad on her behalf that she was put in a position where she was forced to. We’re sending nothing but love!