Karen Belz
Updated April 11, 2017 5:02 am
David Livingston / Getty Images

She’s only 20, but she’s got so many stories. Besides having her success at the Olympics to discuss, Simone Biles was adopted, and her adoption story is pretty inspirational. Biles, who is currently kicking butt on Dancing With The Stars, opened up about it during a clip from last night’s show. It was definitely a memorable moment for the show’s “Most Memorable Year” week.

Biles and her sister Adria were both adopted by her maternal grandfather Ron and his wife Nellie. Having been placed into foster care when she was three, the adoption took place when she was six.

To this day, she refers to Ron and Nellie as her parents — as she should. Without their sweet gesture, who knows what her future would have entailed.

We find it so inspiring that Biles refers to her adoption year as her best.

Biles noted that her biological mother suffered from drug and alcohol abuse. Due to a few run-ins with the law, she wasn’t a solid presence in the athlete’s life.

But, Ron and Nellie stepped in to make sure she could have the best childhood possible, despite the circumstances.


In a blog entry for People, Biles said that last night’ dance was in honor of them.

We think she totally nailed it. We’re sure she made her parents proud, once again.