Simone Biles
Credit: Alex Livesey/Getty Images

Even athletes have to deal with body image issues. Olympic powerhouse gymnast Simone Biles reveals how she found body positivity after a coach called her fat. While even the thought of that sounds ridiculous, it goes to show you that no one is safe from body-shaming. Because even athletes who have won gold medals for this country are subject to scrutiny.

Simone Biles revealed in an interview with Katie Couric that after a particular loss, she overheard a coach call her fat. The words really hurt her.

In addition to working on her gymnastics career, Simone also had to fight the same fight all teenage girls have to face. Having self-confidence and not letting criticism effect her is one of the reasons Simone has gotten as far as she has. And it’s not looking like she’s stopping anytime soon.

She told Katie Couric:

Simone’s fellow Olympian teammate Aly Raisman has also spoken out about body positivity. Because of her muscular figure, she was bullied in middle school. Now, she’s speaking out.

Aly has a few choice words for the boys who used to make fun of her.

With both women so open about their struggles with body positivity, young girls everywhere have heroes to look up to. It does not hurt to know they are Olympic gold medal champions to boot!