Credit: Daniel Zuchnik / WireImage / Getty Images

We’re not crying, you’re crying! Let’s face it we’re all crying that Pretty Little Liars is ending. Whether you’re a fan of the show like we are, or you’re not a fan and are tired of hearing about who “A” really is, we can all sympathize that this is truly an end of an era. But seriously Shaybuttah (Shay Mitchell) can you not tug on out heart strings? We’re already having a difficult time coping!

Today Shay Mitchell, who plays the character Emily on Pretty Little Liars, posted a photo of the studio lot where they shoot the show. There are only two more days left until the show wraps for good, and if we thought this was going to be a difficult process for us to deal with, the stars of the show are definitely feeling all of the emotions.

A couple of weeks ago we had to cope with seeing all of the posts about the last table reads, and it was then and there we knew our hearts were going to break little by little until the last episode officially airs. One thing that does make up for the end of PLL, is that we are so excited to see what is next for Shay Mitchell. If you don’t follow Shay Mitchell on every social media platform, you know that she had very humble beginnings. Even as a waitress she had dreams of being an actress.

If that does not inspire you to follow your dreams we don’t know what will!