Rachel Charlene Lewis
January 06, 2017 3:53 pm

It’s a basic fact that Shay Mitchell regularly slays on Instagram, and her most recent post has us laughing out loud. As you may know, Shay Mitchell has been having the most beautiful vacation. She’s spent the last few weeks in Azulik Tulum, a resort in Mexico. We still haven’t recovered from the FOMO! But Shay is way too funny for us to be mad for long (we heart her so much!), because she just posted the most hilarious post to her Instagram account.

Apparently, our fave girl has been doing a lot of drinking on her trip, and while we have zero judgment, we totally get that she’s craving a pause from all the drinks.

Yesterday, Shay Mitchell posted the funniest goodbye to alcohol on her Instagram.

She wrote,

Like, good for you, lady! Well, sort of…

Apparently, though, she’s already missing the alcohol! She posted this gorgeous pic to Instagram tonight.

And the caption made us laugh out loud. Shay wrote,

Oh, Shay. You know our souls way too well.