shay mitchell
Credit: @shaym

If there’s one celeb we’d go to for travel tips, it’s Shay Mitchell. She’s literally *always* on the go! Her island vacation for New Year’s Eve was giving us straight up FOMO, and now she’s on yet another adventure, though this one’s a mystery. We’re dying to get all the details, but for now, we’re satisfied with Shay Mitchell’s casual airplane look.

We just learned that Shay Mitchell is back on the road again… er, in the sky, for a pretty major trip. She posted about her travel on her Instagram Story, writing that she’ll be traveling for over 24 hours.

Credit: Instagram Stories / @shaym

Now that’s dedication. We complain basically every time we have to step foot in an airport and deal with the stress of flying, so we can only imagine what it’s like to have to travel 24/7 as a celeb. Our heart goes out to you, Shay!

On the bright side, though, Shay is giving us all the heart eyes with her casual airplane look. Like, hello retro vibes!

Credit: Instagram Stories / @shaym

We’re digging those gold glasses with delicate, thin frames. They totally highlight her gorgeous eyes, and are perfectly framed by her brows.

Next stop? Portland, Oregon! This shot of her next flight shows the camera bag she almost left behind (LOL, we know that feel too well, Shay).

Credit: Instagram Stories / @shaym

But it also highlights her super unique shoes! We’re absolutely in love with that gold (the theme of today’s outfit??) and those geometric cutouts.

Now we just have one question: Where are you off to, Shay? We’re sure she’s working on something ah-mazing, and we can’t wait to find out what it is.