Gabriela Herstik
Updated Oct 16, 2017 @ 5:38 pm

Whether or not you have ink, you can’t deny its appeal. It doesn’t matter if it’s a large piece or a delicate, small one — customizing your body with works of art is exciting. Even those of us who struggle with commitment can find something to love in a tattoo — thanks to the dainty, miniature tattoos that are making their way from our Instagram feeds to real life.

The latest celebrity to sport a delicate tattoo is Shay Mitchell, whose Roman numeral tattoo is subtle and sweet in all the right ways. If you’ve been thinking about commemorating an event with a tattoo, take a cue from Shay and do it in this touching and stylish manner.

Shay got three Roman numeral tattoos on the outside of her wrist, courtesy of artist Jon Boy.

While we don’t know exactly why Shay got the numbers one, four, and three tattooed on her, we do have a few guesses. The first? To represent “I love you,” since each word has one, four, and three letters in it, respectively. Our next guess is that this is a code for a vault somewhere far away, one that has secret information in it that will one day allow Shay to save the world.

While we don’t doubt that Shay could actually save the world, we have a feeling that her newest tattoo is probably just a sweet reminder. To whom or what, we don’t know…yet. But you bet we’ll be waiting here for the big reveal.

Now Shay has another tattoo to add to her collection, and we can’t deny that we’re getting ink envy.