Rachel Charlene Lewis
Updated Jan 21, 2017 @ 8:42 pm
Credit: @shaym

In case you missed it, Shay Mitchell’s travels continue! We were wondering where she was off to when she shared this incredible casual airplane look — and flew for over 24 hours! — especially since she had just ended her gorgeous island vacation, but now we know: Shay Mitchell went to Rwanda for a photo shoot! And these shots of Shay Mitchell in Rwanda are giving us absolutely all the FOMO.

Honestly, these photos of Shay Mitchell in Rwanda have proven that she’s a true goddess. How AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL does she look?!

She captioned the photo,

We have major heart eyes right now. We absolutely can’t wait to see the final product of her trip!

For now, though, we’ll settle for checking out the incredible photos and footage she got while she was adventuring around Rwanda. It looks seriously beautiful.

Hair stylist Joseph Chase shared this behind-the-scenes shot, and we’re basically drooling. What. A. Stunner! We’ll take this look ASAP.

And these delicately detailed, vivid sandals, thanks!

Take us with you next time, lady!

But Shay isn’t the only super beautiful part of her trip. Look at this view!

Like, hello, look at these little friends she made!

Credit: @shaym / Instagram Stories

OMG, now we have FOMO! We wanna meet this sweetie.

Credit: @shaym / Instagram Stories

Thanks for sharing your trip with us, Shay!

Credit: @shaym / Instagram Stories

Glad to know we’re not the only ones with ~wanderlust~ nonstop.