Don't get us wrong. He looks great.'s just not the same.

Olivia Harvey
Feb 19, 2021 @ 11:42 am
Shawn Mendes
Credit: CBS, Getty Images

It's a sad day for many out there—Pony Tail Mendes has left the building. On Wednesday, February 17th, Shawn Mendes debuted a fresh new haircut to our chagrin, captioning the reveal "Goodbye long hair!!" We could have really benefited from a warning, Shawn. But, that's okay, we guess.

Mendes, who has been rocking the marooned-on-an-island look (and just recently upgraded to man-bun status) since the start of quarantine, enlisted celebrity groomer Anna Bernabe to tame his waves, and obviously, she did a masterful job. The signature Mendes quaff is still there and we're still treated to some wild length at the top, but...well, it's just not the same.

 "@heyannabee you're the best," Mendes added to the reveal post in his Instagram Story.

shawn mendes haircut
Credit: @shawnmendes, Instagram

Mendes told Smallzy back in October that he was growing out his length because girlfriend Camila Cabello was a fan. She even gave his ponytail a shoutout on Valentine's Day—true love (of long hair) at its finest.

"We're just vibing a longer 'do these days," Mendes said on the Smallzy radio show. "At first it was the COVID cut, and then all of the sudden I'm like 'I don't mind this actually.' And then Camila started saying that I had to keep growing it, and usually when your girlfriend says she likes your hair, you don't change it. So, rule number one."

To get through that awkward phase that everyone going from cropped cut to long 'do goes through, Mendes told Smallzy he relied on a headband—especially when he knew he was going to be photographed by the paparazzi on his daily walk around the block.

But thanks to patience and his go-to product, MoroccanOil Hydrating Styling Cream, he grew out of the "bad phase" and into that glorious surfer dude/fairytale prince length...which is now gone.

Listen, we love Shawn Mendes' hair at any stage, but we can't lie. We'll be in mourning for his long hair for at least a few weeks—er, days. Just a few days. We'll be fine, we promise.