Karen Belz
Updated Oct 13, 2017 @ 11:41 am

We love hearing positive updates about her journey, but actress Shannen Doherty’s battle with breast cancer included a lot of heavy, heartbreaking moments.

Doherty was diagnosed back in 2015, and after opening up about it to fans, began sharing information about her journey. She underwent chemotherapy, which meant that she lost her hair while trying to fight cancer. As of this April, Doherty is in remission — and based on her updates, we think she’s feeling pretty good.

She decided to flash back to one powerful moment of her journey in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month and ended up sharing a few words about cancer itself.

In the photo, Doherty said that this was the first start of chemo. She admitted that it made her feel both weak and strong, and both ugly and beautiful. It’s more or less an emotional rollercoaster.

Back in April, Doherty got real about what being in remission was like. According to her, it’s important to continue taking medication and wait out the next five years. Having a reoccurrence, sadly, is more common than you may think.

While we hope that Doherty only has good news from here on out, we want her to know that she has our support no matter what. Since breast cancer affects so many people, it’s incredible that she chose to tell her story.