Credit: Vivien Killilea/WireImage/Getty Images

While cancer is a horrible disease, Shannen Doherty’s advice to Michael Bublé and his family after his son, Noah, was diagnosed with cancer is sweet and makes us continue to believe in the good of people.

The “It’s a Beautiful Day” singer announced on Friday, that he was taking time off from his career in order to take care of his son, who has cancer, and our hearts broke a little inside.

A day after the sad news was reported, Doherty, who has been battling breast cancer since March 2015, shared some advice and well wishes for the family in their time of need, which also makes our hearts both happy and sad.

Doherty, who received a courage award, with her husband Kurt Iswarienko, and friends Chelsea Handler and Sarah Michelle Geller by her side at the event also added some advice that anyone with cancer should hear.

“And [there is] so much research that we have much better chances now. Stay positive. That positivity, that outlook on life that you can get through something, it actually does get you through,” she added.

We wish both Michael Bublé and his family, along with Doherty and hers, a healthy and quick recovery through their cancer battles.