Talk about a major throwback to her roots!
Credit: Rich Graessle/PPI/Icon Sportswire, Getty Images

Shakira is throwing it back—like way back—with her brand new berry-colored hair. The singer posted a reveal on February 4th of her new red locks, and people are getting flashbacks to the late '90s. And um, this is hard evidence that Shakira doesn't age.

"Voilà!" Shakira captioned her first post with her red hair. It's actually not quite red, not quite pink, but something in between. Her fuchsia lengths are paired with darker, more natural-colored roots, and the entire look is punk and giving off major late-'90s vibes.

"MTV Unplugged vibes ❤️🔥🔥❤️🔥" one follower commented on a video of Shakira blow drying her hair. "Hermosa 😍🔥 #flashback to 1998," another added.

MTV Unplugged is Shakira's first live album, and was recorded in 1999 and later released in 2000. She performed a full set live for MTV Unplugged at the Grand Ballroom in New York City, and the performance was released in DVD format in 2002.

The Unplugged album is hailed as Shakira's breakthrough into the U.S. market, and earned her a 2001 Grammy Award for Best Latin Pop Album. And she did it all while rocking fiery red hair, no less.

Shakira's dabbled in various different hair colors throughout the years, but this new pop of pinky-red is definitely a callback to her roots.

"El look ee 1999 es lo nuevo del 2021, unplugged 2?" one follower pondered. Could this new dye job mean we're getting a nostalgic throwback performance or an Unplugged Part 2? That would really turn things around.

For now, we can only take Shakira's red hair at face value as a fun quarantine-era change. But *cough cough* we'd love to see Unplugged Part 2 if that's what she's hinting at *cough cough.* No pressure.