Credit: Shailene Woodley/

Ever since we heard about Shailene Woodley’s arrest for protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline – hardly a criminal act, yet she was briefly jailed — we’ve been a little worried. But Uproxx let us know that she wrote a passionate letter about her arrest, further breaking the silence about what really happened.

She also shed light on the importance of preserving native culture, and reinforced that she’s capable of framing real issues in a way that helps us connect with her on an intellectual and emotional level.

Woodley’s words were hard-hitting, but very important.

Even though her actions landed her in a shaky situation for a moment, Woodley is standing up for what she believes in, and inspiring others to do the same.

In lieu of grand gestures, Woodley suggests this simple action:

Seems like an excellent idea to us; a little can go a long way. The full essay, entitled, “The Truth About My Arrest,” is definitely worth a read.