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While Shailene Woodley was released from jail shortly after she entered, it doesn’t mean that her legal battle is over. The actress, who was arrested along with 27 other participants during a peaceful protest against the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline, received a lot of press and recognition after footage of her run-in with law enforcement officers went viral.

Woodley at the time was recording video of the protest through Facebook Live, and fans saw everything go down. All in all, the video got five million views.

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It was just reported that Woodley has officially plead not guilty to charges of criminal trespass, as well as engaging in a riot. While she wasn’t physically in North Dakota’s Morton County District Court at the time she declared her innocence, Alexander Reichert, her lawyer, entered her plea for her.

For those unfamiliar with the Dakota Access Pipeline, it’s controversial because it in the process of transferring crude oil, it also has the potential of harming both drinking water and land for many — especially the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe.

This tribe is also against construction, since it’s primarily over their land, and they were not consulted prior to the project starting.

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We think it’s fantastic that Woodley is sticking by her guns. While individuals might get arrested if they pose a threat to others at a protest, it was painfully obvious that Woodley was following all the rules, and trying her hardest to stick up for something she believes in.