Emily Baines
November 26, 2016 8:03 am
Mike Windle / Getty Images

Fun trivia fact: Did you know that there’s a bowling alley under the White House? That’s right! A bowling alley. And comedian Seth Rogen got to enjoy the perks of that secret bowling alley alongside beloved vice-president Joe Biden! Seriously, could his life be any cooler?

White House Historical Association staff historian Bill Bushong explained the history of the bowling alley:

Apparently, the bowling alley isn’t too swanky. Presidential historian Richard Norton Smith quickly pointed out:

We aren’t sure about that. The space sure looks pretty cool from Seth Rogen’s tweet. But maybe that’s just due to his awesome company.

Just look how excited Seth Rogen is to be bowling with Joe Biden!

We’d be pretty pumped, too. Now, where are the pictures of the dogs, Seth? Where are pictures of the cute pups?!

But bowling with Vice President Biden wasn’t the only thing Seth Rogen did…

That’s right, he got to hang out behind Vice President Biden’s desk. We wonder if he left the Vice President with any print-outs of those hilarious Obama and Biden memes that destroyed the internet. If only there were pictures of adorable White House dogs sitting under that desk, then we’d really be smiling.

We wonder if Seth Rogen knew that there’s not just one secret bowling alley for White House staff, there are three.

So how do we get an invitation to the bowling alley? We might not be as funny as Seth Rogen, but we love the VP as much as anyone!