Rachel Sanoff
Updated Aug 16, 2016 @ 12:37 pm
Tennis - Olympics: Day 4
Credit: Cameron Spencer/Getty Images

It is no secret that Serena Williams is an otherworldly goddess of athleticism who can destroy all evil with a wave of her tennis racket. Whether she is winning her 22nd grand slam title at Wimbledon, winning four gold medals throughout her Olympic career, spouting body-positive wisdom, or demonstrating the perfect twerk, Serena Williams is a force of nature.

Tumblr artist, Knockfivetimes, recognizes Serena as the superheroine she is, and created an image of the athlete in, perhaps, her truest form: Wonder Woman.

Serena herself then posted Knockfivetimes’ work on Instagram.

The artist created the graphic by manipulating this gorgeous photo from Serena’s shoot with Glamour for their July issue.

(And please acknowledge her quote about the wage gap — more proof of her flawlessness).

Can someone please write the Serena Williams comic book that is clearly begging to be written? Or just cast her as the next Wonder Woman? Either/or.