Bronwyn Isaac
September 07, 2017 1:39 pm
Luisa Dörr for TIME

Serena Williams’s interview is part of TIME Firsts, a multimedia project featuring 46 groundbreaking women. Watch the rest of the videos at Buy the book at the TIME Shop.

It’s safe to say that most of us (probably 99%) will never even come close to possessing the same combination of athleticism, discipline, and work ethic that Serena Williams exhibits in her industry. And for good reason, because she is a legend to look up to. However, Williams’s high-profile tennis career has certainly come with a bundle of costs and hardships.

In a newly released interview with TIME Firsts, Williams shared some of the double standards she’s faced as a woman in the industry, but also how seriously she takes the honor of being a role model for young black girls interested in tennis.

While double standards shouldn’t be applied to ANYONE, it’s particularly absurd that anyone would dispute Williams’s salary when she’s won the most single tennis matches in a major tournament.

Beyond the intense moments of winning on the court, Williams also shared what it feels like to realize she’s a role model for young black women.

Luisa Dörr for TIME

Especially since she didn’t have that when she was pursuing tennis.

When it comes to being a role model, Williams will have an even more hands-on opportunity with her new-born baby girl. Her fiancé Alexis Ohanian better be ready to level up with two stellar women.

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