serena williams
Credit: Michael Dodge/Getty Images

We’re huge fans of tennis champion Serena Williams. Not only is she an incredible athlete, but her Internet presence is delightful. On top of that, we are super happy for her and husband Alexis Ohanian who are expecting a baby soon. That’s why we’re loving that she went out to support sister Venus at the French Open on Friday, while looking totally fabulous.

The only thing better than watching Serena play is watching Serena watch Venus play!

Venus of course won, because duh. The Williams sisters can do anything, especially when it comes to tennis. Something else that caught our eye though was Serena’s awesome outfit. She was wearing a long, blue, floral kimono with a long black dress underneath.

Credit: Jean Catuffe/Getty Images

What is even more amazing about this awesome outfit, is it actually within our reach as mere mortals! According to People ,the outfit is from Zara and it’s only $149!

Credit: Jean Catuffe/Getty Images

While in most areas we can never be as awesome as Serena, at least we could potentially wear something that she is wearing. And that’s almost as good!

Serena ended the day in her awesome outfit by cuddling up with her husband and looking out to a gorgeous view. They are super adorable together, and it was very Instagrammable.

We always want celebrity outfits, and then are faced with the crushing realization that we can never afford them. That’s why it’s so cool that Serena was rocking something that was kind of in our price range. So watch out Zara, we’re heading to you soon!