Kenya Foy
February 28, 2017 5:14 pm
Michael Dodge/Getty Images

It must feel great to love being a professional athlete so much that you’re willing to interrupt your dog walk in order to get in a round of tennis. This is precisely what happened when Serena Williams played an impromptu tennis match with two strangers she saw hitting a couple of balls in San Francisco’s Dolores Park.

Over the weekend, Williams was out enjoying a casual nighttime stroll with her adorable dog Chip and her fiancé, Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian when the trio stopped to take in an ongoing match between two guys. After contemplating whether she should ask to play the winner, Williams approached the pair to see if she could have next (OF COURSE YOU CAN, SERENA), despite the fact that she was wearing furry boots.

But far be it from the unrivaled Grand Slams champions winner to let inappropriate footwear keep her off the court. Obviously, the guys recognized her and agreed to partake in what was probably THE single most exciting tennis match of their lives.

Williams posted the entire exchange on Snapchat, and it was just as magical as it sounds.

So, we’re a little bit jealous of these guys (srsly how lucky are they?), but also simultaneously motivated to hit a public tennis court for some practice in case another Serena sighting happens near us. Our overhand serving technique is erm, a little rusty.

As the tennis champ herself told us, “The moral of this story is: You never know when I could be coming to a tennis court near you!” We’ll try to get ready, Serena, even though we probably never will be.