P. Claire Dodson
Updated Aug 21, 2017 @ 10:50 am

Pregnancy = cravings. Usually, pregnancy cravings are for weird food combinations like pickles and ice cream, or for non-foods like ice. They also tend to be sweet, like chocolate, or salty, like potato chips. But leave it to Serena Williams — who has the chicest pregnancy style, BTW — to do things her own way.

ICYMI, Serena Williams is pregnant (and casually won the Australian Open while pregnant, NBD). As a result, she is dealing with cravings. But because she’s Serena Williams, queen of tennis and starring in Beyoncé music videos, we shouldn’t be surprised that her pregnancy cravings are highly unusual.

Serena Williams’s pregnancy cravings are…wait for it…HEALTHY.

We know this because her fiance, Alexis Ohanian of Reddit fame, posted a video on Instagram while shopping for said healthy supplies. In the video, he shows us what he’s getting at the grocery store.

Ohanian holds up various vegetables and looks pretty confused about it. Also, he can’t remember the word for an artichoke, which, same.

We guess all those years of eating healthy, exercising, and playing her heart out on the court have created some serious habits. We’re in awe of that level of self-control. That baby is going to be pretty lucky.

Back in April, Williams accidentally announced her pregnancy by unintentional Snapchat.

But she took it in stride. Hey, social media buttons can be tricky!

According to rough calculations, the baby should be due sometime in the next few weeks, since she was 20 weeks pregnant in April. We hope Williams’ baby and Beyoncé’s newborn twins are ready to be besties for the resties.