Some days are just downright terrible and the only remedy for them is to go to sleep and hope that tomorrow is better. Selma Blair had one of those days and she candidly expressed herself on Instagram in a way that had us thinking: stars, they’re just like us. Read about her terrible day and feel your sympathy because lately there has been a lot of bad news and we all can relate to Ms. Blair. Oh, and for the full effect, play one of these sad songs that are great for crying along to.

The chronicle of Blair’s no-good-very-bad day begins with the realization of everyone’s greatest fear: driving away from the gas station with the nozzle attached to her car. She laments,

Causing us to be like:

Blair continues, saying,

And we say to that, we know what that’s like, girl

She then finishes her sad sad tale with,

Yes, Selma, you take that pass. You feel your feelings and let it all out.

For total transparency, she posted a video of herself crying with her caption-story and we totally feel her distress.

Feel better, Selma. We hope that 2017 gets better for everyone!