Scarlet Meyer
February 04, 2017 10:11 am
The Weeknd/

Selena Gomez and The Weeknd have been only been dating for what amounts to about a month, and yet they are already managing to be so much more adorable than other celebrity couples out there! They’ve already gone on the classic dinner dates and vacations, which seem pretty awesome all around. Now, they’re now hanging out with newborn babies! Like, how much cuter can these two get?

Seriously, they had a date to meet a friend’s baby!

The Weeknd’s manager Wassim “SAL” Slaiby and wife actress Rima Fakih recently welcomed a new baby into the world! The baby is, of course, adorable because all babies are prefect, but seeing this picture of The Weeknd cuddling it definitely kicked the cute up a notch!

That is seriously the tiniest, cutest baby! And The Weeknd cuddling it is making us swoon!

As if that wasn’t adorable enough, Slaiby made a collage of everyone who visited! You can see Selena in the picture that’s second from the top left. Also fun fact: Pharell Williams and French Montana were there too! This kid’s life is already a thousand times more lit than ours.

That is one popular (and cute) baby!

It is really sweet to catch Selena in this moment since she has been cultivating a very low-key Internet presence lately for self-care reasons. We’re just glad that she seems happy and is having a nice time enjoying life with her new boo! We’re also loving that they went to go see a friend’s baby together. There’s something so cute about a new couple showing their paternal side without it actually being their kid! It’s like a hint of things to maybe come, but in a low pressure way!

So congratulations to Selena and The Weeknd for continuing to be the cutest couple! You guys are adorable, but especially when you’re hanging out with tiny kids!