Selena Gomez
Credit: Don Arnold/Getty Images

If there’s one thing we love, it’s summer (beaches, barbecues, hot dogs — what’s not to love)? And if there’s two things we love, it’s summer and Selena Gomez.

Which is why we’re totally vibing Gomez’s Vogue cover pic. The April issue features our girl in a brightly-colored Michael Kors Collection bralette, accompanied by Jennifer Fisher hoop earrings and a ’60s-inspired cat eye. We can’t make out the bottom half of her ensemble, but sources tell us it’s a matching Michael Kors skirt from the same collection.

Gomez looks directly at the camera while holding up her hair. It’s sexy, sophisticated, and oh-so-summer! But enough talk, let’s take a look.


This is Gomez’s first American Vogue cover (she’s appeared on Vogue Brazil though), and it follows up a year of noteworthy fashion moments — like when she appeared in a Louis Vuitton campaign photographed by Bruce Webber.

The rest of the photo shoot features even more summer-inspired looks, with more floral ensembles and several retro bathing suit shots. And as if a rocking photo shoot wasn’t enough, the actual interview with Gomez is noteworthy in and of itself. She speaks candidly about her experiences with rehab, rigorous therapy sessions, and the havoc Instagram reeked on her mental health.

It’s an absolute must-read for any Gomez fan (or, really, just anybody in general who has ever struggled with mental health). You can read the full interview here.

Thanks for being so real with us, Selena. And of course, thank you for getting us so entirely stoked for summer. Seriously — is it too early to go bathing suit shopping? (Answer: NEVER!)