The most relatable thing Selena Gomez has ever said is that she deletes her Instagram weekly. Selena may be the app’s most followed person, but that hasn’t gone to her head. The raven haired singer and actress, just like the rest of us, says she has a “love/hate” relationship with social media.

During We Day (a youth event for social change) that Gomez hosted, the star was able to once again open up about her mixed feelings about social media and mental health.

Because of her most-followed status, Gomez knows that her posts have a wide reach.

She has decided to lead by setting a good example.

This is not the first time Sel has been candid about her feelings on the subject. Gomez has been open about her harmful Instagram addiction in the past. And after taking time off from her tour to deal with anxiety, panic attacks and depression due to her Lupus diagnosis, Selena changed the way she used social media. She no longer has Instagram installed on her phone and she gave her password to her assistant.

She even managed to change 13 Reasons Why’s Katherine Langford’s approach to Instagram.

The actress credits Selena with giving her the push to become honest and open on the app by taking her account off private and making it public.

Langford captioned the silly selfie:

The 13RW star and Selena now mainly use social media to connect to fans. That’s a social media message we can all definitely “like.”